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    Post  darwin on Sat Jun 18, 2011 11:05 pm

    Standard Membership
    Your Click: $0.004 (Standard Ad) $0.01 (Extended Ad) $0.002(Short Ad)
    Referral Click: $0.002ref (Standard Ad) $0.005ref (Extended Ad) $0.001ref (Short Ad)

    Your Click: $0.004(Standard Ad) $0.01(Extended Ad) $0.002(Short Ad)
    Referral Click: $0.004(Standard Ad) $0.01(Extended Ad) $0.002(Short Ad)

    Your Click: $0.008(Standard Ad) $0.02(Extended Ad) $0.004(Short Ad)
    Referral Click: $0.004(Standard Ad) $0.01(Extended Ad) $0.002(Short Ad)

    The minimum payout is set at $2 for the first cashout, $5 for the second, $7 for the third and $10 for every one after that.

    Once you reach the minimum amount, you can withdraw your money instantly to either AlertPay or Liberty Reserve.

    Message from Admin:

    Our goal is to make Xeobux become the leading bux site in PTC industry. Our system has many special features that are different from our competitors, such as:
    + Secure PIN : Secure PIN adds an extra to protect your account.
    + Email Verification for Cashout: This feature keeps your money completely safe from hackers.
    + And more and more features you will see when you join us.
    Our developer team has prepared for Xeobux for about one year. And today we proudly announce that XeoBux is officially launched!

    The first 3000 members will get free pioneer membership, then the rest are standard members.

    Pioneer will receive 10% discount when they purchase Upgrade.
    We are using Gen 4 v1.0.6 with a lot of customizations, you can check our license at this link
    Our hosting is DDoS protected and we use SSL to encrypt your information. Our hosting can be upgraded any time.
    I really hope we will make Xeobux become one of the best PTC sites in this industry.

    Free registration, thank you:

    XEOBUX - Your Belief is Our Profit...

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