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    Post  darwin on Sun Dec 04, 2011 12:47 am

    Get Paid to click - Earn up to $0.10 per visit
    Get Paid to sign up - Earn up to $100 for each offer
    Get Paid to refer - Earn up to 0.5 cents per referral visit
    Up to 6% for the signup offers completed by referrals
    Up to 20% for the upgrades in your downline
    Get 30 cents for every referral who reaches $3

    Free members will earn 0.5 cents. Upgraded members will earn according to their membership type.
    If you are a free member, you may request your payment once you reach $2.

    Payments are made instantly.

    Payments are made via Alertpay and Paypal.


    Free registration, thank you:

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    Post  Adamo2 on Mon Dec 12, 2011 1:59 am

    UNIQUE NEW FEATURE: Custom Membership Upgrades.
    Besides the pre-made Silver, Gold and Platinum options, you can customize your own membership type according to your own needs. There are 1026 different combinations which can be created on the upgrade page.

    All upgrades have "Zero Loss" guarantee and have a lot of bonuses including free referrals and advertising.

    Zero Loss guaratee:
    Example scenario:
    You bought a membership which cost $50. Let's say you have earned $38 dollars after one year. Then $12 dollars will be credited back to your account to cover your potential loss!

    All membership include no minimum payment! Custom memberships cost between $5 - $200

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